Oh, Adventures!

Written by: Diane Buckley-Maidt

What a great day for riding!

Our devotional this morning was on “not worrying” because our needs will be supplied.  For today this was certainly the case.  Some of us were concerned because we were tired from yesterday’s nearly 90 mile day and had nearly 100 miles to bike today.  The overcast skies, a little breeze and a little misting from time to time helped to keep us cool and refreshed and made doing the 100 miles easier. 

We biked from South Hill, VA to Raleigh, NC.  On our climb out of South Hill we saw the most interesting site for the day.  We dubbed it “John’s Forest on the edge of Flushing Meadows” – it was a bunch of toilets hung up in trees on the edge of a meadow area. 

At about mile 18 we crossed the border from Virginia into North Carolina. 

We biked mostly on nice country roads with not too much traffic.  I enjoyed biking with a number of different people and spending some time biking by myself.  Somewhere along the journey I stopped to help a turtle off to the side of the road. 

This week has been a fun ride for me because I rode from very close to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) office where I used to work in Hyattsville, MD down to Raleigh, NC where NCHS has another office. 

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