Our 107 Mile Day

Written by: Johnny Busby

So the day is finally here- our one hundred and seven miles ride from Holly, CO to Cimarron, KS. To say I’m nervous would be an understatement. You see, I just started riding two weeks ago and my butt callus has not even set in yet. Your Honor, let the record show I have never biked more than fifty miles in my life- ok I said it!

Our day starts as usual- we circle up for morning devotions and Lydia our troop leader goes over the day’s route. Tom Weber soon takes the floor and lays out our rest stops for this morning’s adventure “20, 40, 60, and 80 so be looking for the van,” he says. “Don’t worry I will” I whisper low enough so no one could hear me. Lydia prays asking the Lord to be with all of us as we ride and I toss in a special request of my own “Lord help me to ignore my body when it screams stop.”

So here we go. My wife Monica and I set off agreeing to ride as a team and draft off each other when we need a rest. Surprisingly the first twenty miles was a breeze and no butt pain. We make it to the first rest stop and I’m feeling very optimistic about finishing the ride in good time.

No sooner do we start out on our twenty first miles it starts to rain. Coming into our second rest stop at mile forty we all gather under the trap for a brief moment to rest and refuel.

Now half way done and still no pain! Well, “this is what I’m talking about we are going to do this” I resolve to complete the ride no matter what.




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