Our trail to a lakeside view
June 28, 2022

By Suzanne Stack

It was a good day. Neil got to the church early to devise a new route that shaved an hour off our ride to get everyone in before the storm.

We took the Iron Ore Trail through Marquette and several tiny lakeside towns. Other than the initial cyclo-cross construction portion, the Iron Ore was a fast gravel trail with abundant wildlife: deer, fox, and turkey sightings today.

Things went to plan more or less: less time getting here, more time hunting down the church. It will never again be said that I arrived at a church at the same time as Jeff Gabriel.

Eden Evangelical Lutheran Church was hidden alright. And with a lakeside view! I’m writing this laying on my couch looking out a wall of windows onto Lake Superior. All the beauty and none of the mosquitoes. Tempted to stay here and just make up future blog posts.


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we love Our sponsors!

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