Out of my comfort zone, but worth it

Written by Jonathan Barringer


This is my first ride with the Fuller Center for Housing. I heard about it through a Facebook ad and five years later, I was finally able to make the trip!

When I signed up, I saw that the average rider age to be in the 50’s. I thought to myself that I would be one of the fastest riders and boy was I wrong. The first couple of weeks I came in the back of the group almost everyday. After learning some tips and tricks from several seasoned riders, I have begun to increase my average speed and now am able to keep up with some of the faster riders.

One of the best things about this group is the sense of community. During our first week, we all seemed to connect very well with one another. By the end of the second week, some of us were jokingly calling some people mom & dad.

This is by far one of the most challenging experiences I have ever put myself through. Each day, I have to mentally and physically prepare for the days’ ride. I do this by stretching and praying each morning and making sure to eat a good breakfast.

Doing this trip is 100% out of my comfort zone, but also 100% worth it. I have seen so much good in everyone here. My hope is that each person reading this would consider going out of their comfort zone and challenging themselves to something they want to accomplish, but might be afraid of. You never know what could happen if you do.

I did that and am loving it.

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