Outrunning the Storm

Written by: Brian Cook

Hello everyone. My name is Brian Cook. I am one of the new members of the FCBA team, just joining on Sunday night in Wichita. What a way to be welcomed to the team. My first day was the hottest of the year in Kansas, and today, well, we enjoyed one of the famous Kansas thunderstorms. If nothing else, it just adds to the adventure.

The day started as normal. We woke up to the smell of freshly laundered clothing that seemed to come in sometime during the night. Everyone rolled out of bed and completed their assigned chores, hoping for a great day of riding. I gave the morning devotional on Jeremiah 31:21 “Set up signposts, make landmarks, set your heart toward the way that you should go.” The message was to enjoy the highway, see what is out there, realize that part of our mission as we go down that highway is to show others the landmarks and signs that lead to salvation.

We then got on the road, hitting a detour because of a bridge being out, then realized that the storm, one of those “get out of the way” Kansas thunderstorms, was right behind us. To our benefit, the wind did push us towards Iola, Kanas, which most of us made it to before the sky opened up and the winds tore over us. Welcome to Kansas.

A local restaurant opened its doors to all of us and we rode out the worst of it (3 and a half hours) while enjoying some good coffee, French toast, and one of the biggest plates of a half sized order of biscuits and gravy that I have had the opportunity to enjoy.

Once the storm passed, we get back on the saddles and, headed back out, riding both the highways and on a pretty well kept bike trail that goes from Iola, Kansas to Ottawa, Kansas. There were some issues because of the rain, but for the most part, the trail got us to Ottawa University where we were graced with wonderful hospitality and one fine taco bar. I really need to quit eating at these churches.

75 miles, a severe thunderstorm, possible tornados, then rising heat while riding a trail made for another interesting day in the Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure.



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