Overcome and Succeed

Written by: Nick Bietz, Blue Ride

The blue team is on the easter edge of the great state of Washington on this beautiful evening. Through five days of our journey we have endured rain, wrecks, mountains, detours, head winds and car issues, but through laughter, teamwork and new friendships we have overcome and even succeeded and are on the verge of our first build day tomorrow.

Tonight we were briefed about the local Fuller Center project here in Spokane Valley by Ian, and a partnering organization called Steps Reentry by Teri and Gavin. The Steps Reentry program has several projects we will be working with tomorrow including cleaning and painting houses to prepare them for people to give them the most successful chance possible for them become a positive member of the community. I was inspired by the amount of passion and Christ like love Ian, Teri and Gavin all have for the “poor and infirm” in their community. Each of these people have ¬†contributed their skills to the Lord and sacrificed their time trusting that God is able to use them for good beyond our comprehension.

I am truly thankful to have the opportunity so support these organizations and the good they are doing for the community. For this reason, and for the fact my butt could use a day out of the bike saddle, I am excited for the first build day tomorrow!

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