Overcoming Challenges

Written by: Lesly Jones, Blue Ride

Week 5 is COMPLETE!

What an amazing experience this has been.  Today we arrived in Lincoln, NE, and this signaled the end of our fifth week.  I would love to say that each week has gotten easier, but the truth is each week has come with its own challenges.

I figured out very early in this journey that it was important to pace myself, if I wanted to complete all 8 weeks.  I carefully studied the daily routes and rest stops.  I used this knowledge to help me strategically reduce the daily ride mileage.  As a result, I was able to gradually increase my strength each week enabling me to cycle more than 400 miles in week 5.  Not sure how much is left in the tank for next week, but tomorrow is a much needed rest day and I plan to do just that …. REST!

I will say that this is a beautiful country and would encourage everyone to spend a little more time enjoying what nature has to offer.

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