A Note on Servanthood

By Courtney Fields

Today is our last riding day with Dave and Diane Maidts, and I’m thankful that I was able to experience two weeks with this awesome couple. Not only did they share their love story with me, but they showed me servant leadership. Diane is a veteran rider, and she has the best listening ear. If we’re having dinner with a church, she is the first person you’ll find chatting away with someone she just met like they were lifelong friends. And Dave, he may seem quiet, but he’s playful, insanely smart, and incredibly helpful. After a long day of supporting, Dave goes above and beyond by working until every single thing is unloaded into the church.

This is my second FCBA trip, and I definitely wouldn’t claim to know everything about it, but each year I’m blessed to learn so much from returning riders. Selflessness and sensitive ears can bless others more than you know. Living in community is not always easy (imagine that!), but when you put others first and genuinely care for their needs, it makes the journey a whole lot easier!

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