A Very Just Peachy- Fcba.pnpupdate.2019.217.53.47

By Ed Vander Pol

Today is best summed up as a very just peachy ride! We started the day by making a left turn onto N Pines Road on our way out of Spokane Valley, WA and ended up in Ritzville; a ride of slightly less than two times forty-seven miles minus two times four point seven miles! The ride went slightly up or down throughout the day with an ascent of approximately four thousand seven hundred feet divided by two.

Leaving Spokane Valley, we road through Spokane, eventually riding on a multi-use path and relatively quiet roads.  A couple of highlights were riding up and down a corkscrew pedestrian street crossing. The rest stop three provided additional highlight with pulling one of the support vehicles out of the ditch with the van!

We need to thank our support people who combine their duties with media support- CeLynn, Ana, Evan, Courtney, and Phil. Their support is essential for us riding the tour, and is much appreciated!

The highlight of the day was the root beer floats at rest stop number one in celebration of a rider’s forty seventh birthday!

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