Along The Oregon Coastal Road

By Peter Asmuth

The first three days of the ride were a tough ride for me: day one, it was cold and raining; day two, my left knee began to hurt; day three, the knee felt better, however, despite the cool weather, I became dehydrated and felt pretty ill by the end of the ride.

Today, was lovely. The ride was 70 miles along the Oregon Coastal Road. At first, I couldn’t understand how the “beach thing” worked here. The water is too cold to swim in without a full wetsuit, the sun never seems to shine and people show up in a winter coat to walk on the beach. How’s that any fun?
Then, the sun came out at midday and it warmed up. The rugged coastline is just beautiful. In certain areas, the sea lions lay on the rocks and bark back and forth. Don’t call them seals, though. I made the mistake of referring to them as seals and the local resident corrected me and explained, in great detail, that these were not seals. They do not bark because they do not have external ears. Who knew?
We’ve been staying with the Presbyterians the last three nights and it’s been great. We had the good fortune to make contact with one church and make it into their circle of trust. They took the Fuller Center Bike Adventure under their wing and made arrangements with the other churches to house us and feed us. 🙂
Their hospitality and generosity has been just the thing that we need after a long day of biking.

Imagine this view, every day. Tomorrow, it’s more of the same….hopefully. 

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