Back Again

By Mike Wieser

This is my 7th ride with the FCBA. Last year was the first time that I was not an all-the-way rider. Since I did not join the group at the start of the ride, I had some reservations about joining a group of riders that had been working together as a team for a month, but whatever apprehensions I had quickly disappeared.

The one thing I missed most last year was participating in a build day since there were none on the segments I rode. This year I was initially only going to ride the first 4 segments, but looking at the itinerary I saw that there were no build days until segment 7. I knew that I wanted to include some build days in this year’s ride so I reworked my original plan and extended the number of segments to include at least one build day.

I get great satisfaction in being able to combine my passion for cycling with giving back to the community and changing lives. I would encourage anyone who is reading this and has not joined the FCBA to highly consider doing so in the future.

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