Community and Family

By Sam Vandenheede

Today was another incredible day on the bike adventure. We rode a fast-paced, mostly downhill 90.4 miles through a gorgeous valley along the Gallatin River. Mountains overlooked the road the whole way, we saw many deer, Fred claims to have seen a bear. The ride took us from West Yellowstone to Bozeman.

Along the ride we’ve seen many different communities and have met many different people. I really enjoy this aspect of the trip, it’s really cool to see and hear about different peoples lives and stories. The people that we get the chance to help out are especially cool to meet, they’re always so grateful to have us. I also enjoy the whole way of life on this trip, the sense of community is incredible, and the simplicity of each day. You realize what you can live without and often times you’re better for it. People and connections you make are worth so much more than material things in the end.

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