By Jennifer Wells

Indeed we call blessed those who’ve persevered .You have heard of the perseverance of Job, and you have seen the purpose of the Lord, because “the Lord is compassionate and merciful”.

On August 1st and 2nd 15 Fuller Center volunteers met a family in need of a home in Bonner’s Ferry Idaho.  The family in need consists of a single mom and three children.  The mother had been in an abusive relationship and escaped with her 3 children and no assets to speak of.  The mother’s youngest has Down’s Syndrome and requires a lot of services.  Flo, the mother, returned to Bonners Ferry to live with her sister in a low income trailer.  She talked about living in cramped quarters but that they at least had a place to go and it gave her an opportunity to reunite with her sister.  The middle child was glad to be living there despite the conditions “because we at least have a living room”.  This family is persevering trying to do the right things to improve their lives.  Flo and her 3 children talked about how they are living with patience each day.  The mother spoke of her gratefulness to the Lord for his blessings and the mercifulness that has been shown to them as a family.  They are participating where they can in the building of their new construction home.  Persevering requires patience.  They are practicing patience every day!

To further elaborate on the home they are waiting for, the local chapter had already put the frame up, the outside walls were prepped and ready to go for siding and the roof was on.   The local chapter was very organized and clear about what they wanted us to help with.  All of the tools that were needed were on site. 

Our job was to dry wall the ceilings, put on as much siding as possible and to put up a fence along one side of the property. Flo was there to help out where she could.  It was amazing how much work we accomplished in 2 days!   The fence is completely done, the siding is half way up 3-4 sides of the house and all of the ceiling drywall was completed! God was really working miracles through us.

We as a group of volunteers are so blessed to have had the opportunity to help this family out.  This wasn’t our only blessing.  Our host, Teresa Rae, who is very active with overseeing the efforts of the local chapter, provided all of our meals while we were in Bonner’s Ferry.  She provided two dinners at her home which sits on top of a hill with gorgeous views of Kootenai Valley.  Her home and views to were to die for!!!  The country, the city and the mountains all in one location!!!  Teresa and her families hospitality allowed us to recover and prepare for the next day events. 

Thanks to Bonner’s Ferry Covenant partner for being so organized and allowing us to help others in need.  God Bless you!

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