First Impressions

By Mark Murphy

This is my third summer ride and at the end I will have logged more than 10,000 miles with the Fuller Center.  Yet I continue to be amazed at the genuine compassion, caring, and I dare say love exhibited by all those involved (riders, support, churches, and general population as a whole). Before this years trip one of my riding buddies asked me how I dealt with “jerks” that I met on the trip.  While I will admit I have encountered some “unique” personalities on FCBA events I must say that people who came across as “jerks” in week one became much more human as the miles went by.  Maybe it was their protective layers were shed and they felt safer sharing who they truly were?  Maybe it was MY protective layers diminished and I was able to see who they truly were? 

Yes it is irritating when someone steals the only fan in church,  whines about their food allergies, gets in food line with the sweeps (oh wait, that’s me!), etc. 

But It’s really hard nor to feel compassion towards someone who has shared the difficulty of dealing with parental abandonment, who shared ongoing concerns about their kids drug dependence,  who bonked before your eyes and needed your physical assistance to even get off the road, who have shared bewilderment about their place on this earth.

In the end we are family, we may not always like each other but we will always be Fuller family.

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