Friends and Family

By Brandon Gotha

I am a first time full trip rider with the Fuller Center. Go figure the first ride I sign up for is the longest and most elevation the group has ever organized. I was introduced to the group by my buddy Dan Zassick. Many of the Fuller Center followers might already know him because, he has attended 3 previous rides and this summers Parks and Peaks ride makes number 4 for him.

Dan and I went to school together at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy and graduated this year. One summer when we were sitting on a boat I overheard Dan telling everyone about the group and his cross country ride, how much he loved the trip, and how he was going to do another ride this summer. I being 22 years old and not wanting to get into the real job world quite yet thought whatever trip he was doing would be an incredible opportunity to join and see the country. He said he was signing up for the Parks and Peaks ride. I checked out the route and realized most of the places on the route I had not been to. From there I was hooked on the opportunity. I had been into cycling previously but never on this level. I was happy to sign up for what could have been the biggest challenge of my life so far. 

The previous 2 weeks have been an awesome experience. I really enjoy the company of the group, I have meet some people I am sure I will be in contact with for the majority of my life, and finally I really support all of the morals and actions the group stands for. Thanks for reading.

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