Fuller Family

By Beth Batchelor

It’s been just about a year since my last Fuller Center Bike Adventure ride. After joining Parks and Peaks for the beginning of segment 5, I am quickly reminded of what makes this such an unique experience. Yes, we are raising funds to provide affordable housing to those in need. Yes, we are riding our bikes through some incredible places. But the most unique experience, one which isn’t found in every day life, is this community.

My first ride day with this group ended with what was the beginning stages of dehydration. However, this was not something I had to face on my own. Multiple people provided fluids I needed to replenish what was lost. Other people took over my chore of laundry to let me sleep and recover. I asked for none of this, but through it was quickly reminded about how people on the Bike Adventure simply care. I’m excited to continue to raise funds to help provide people with housing, I’m excited to keep biking up mountain after mountain, and I’m excited to continue doing life alongside this community. 

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