New Adventures

By CeLynn Siemons

Going into this media internship I had no idea what to expect. Most of all, I did not expect to have a sense of community and family that I’ve experienced in only the first two weeks here. The members I have lived with are some of the most generous and thoughtful people I’ve met in my life. This past weekend a rider bought a pizza for us to share saying the media team does so much for the riders. We are thanked daily for our little tasks and are made to feel like we are contributing to the big picture, just as much as the bicyclists. It’s amazing to see so many different people put forth their unique skills to contribute in making this trip successful. We have had members cook some amazing meals including cobbler, homemade cinnamon rolls, fajitas and more. 

This past weekend we camped in a redwood state park. Without any service, I feel everyone was brought even closer in only two days. We told stories, made s’mores, went for hikes and even practiced our tent folding, led by Scott. We did a long hike through the redwoods to the ocean and had many wonderful conversations about our lives, similarities and differences.

I usually spend most of my time waitressing at night and hiking during the day throughout my summer vacations. When I came across this internship I applied knowing it would be an adventure of a lifetime. I did not know I would make many connections and lifetime friends. I’ve learned that it’s important to seize the moment or opportunities presented to you in life because there may not be a second chance. I am very thankful to have joined this amazing group of people for the next three months. I will be sure to try and capture many of our moments through our travels. I know so much more lies ahead of us!

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