By Mike Scotty

The Fuller Center for Housing’s mission is giving people and families the impetus to strengthen their financial foundations and giving them the resources to sustain that strength through a livable home – a place to put down roots. A home gives all beings a sense of security that allows them to successfully manage the other endeavors that bring success and satisfaction to their lives.

The Fuller Center Bike Adventure’s mission is to support the strength of the families via the building efforts. But it also brings strength to the riders who support it. Physical strength brings the same sense of accomplishment and foundation that the recipients of the Fuller Center’s build efforts receive. The physical strength of riding a bike for hundreds of miles over a week or weeks is a foundation that sustains other efforts in the rider’s lives – physical, intellectual and spiritual.

It is a privilege to be a rider and a supporter of the efforts of the Fuller Center for Housing. We get a chance to support the strength of the effort and to support ourselves.

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