The Generosity of Others

By Scott Baker

I was struggling to find an interesting topic for our blog tonight. Honestly, I am a little tired and a little sore from today’s ride with heat approaching and possibly exceeding 100 degrees. Well, my topic is the generosity of others. I have been riding with the Fuller Center for 3 years. In my first year, I was amazed at how churches and communities would open up their doors to help us on our mission. You know what, I was getting used to it and less appreciative as the rides go on. Taking it for granted. But today finally snapped me back into the wonder of people and their generosity.

Almost on a whim, we sent one of our team on a mission to find pie and ice cream after dinner. What we go twas an eye opening to the blessings provided to us. Knocking at the window of Apple Bistro, a restaurant that had just closed for the day, we were let in. Asking for pie with the credit card at the ready, the proprietor gave us three pies and five gallons of ice cream at no charge. This amazed me but was just one more gift afforded us, gifts I had gotten used to and taken for granted. Something special happened that snapped me back to the awe of generosity afforded The Fuller Center and our Mission.

Just before 9 p.m. tonight, the proprietors, Jeannette and Willie Waldo, dropped by the church we are staying at. We were all shocked and thankful when they offered us breakfast in the morning. These wonderful folks, that we had only met briefly, showed us kindness and generosity beyond expectation. The Lord surely works in mysterious ways.

Ky Griffin with owners Jeannette and Willie Waldo

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