The Middle of Nowhere

By Dan Zassick

I love the middle of nowhere.  Theres something sort of satisfying about being there.  Despite how seemingly boring people make the middle of nowhere out too be, it’s pretty unique and interesting at just how much work it takes to actually get there.  If you’re wondering, Wyoming is a pretty good place to track it down. 

Somewhere between Wamsutter, Rock Springs, and Pinedale exists the nebulous transition from ‘somewhere’ to ‘nowhere.’  I noticed as I looked out to the horizon seeing only scrub brush, grass, and the occasional power line that Wyoming I believe is the inverse of the middle of the ocean.  Dirt and grass in all directions as far as the eye can see, nothing but the sound of the wind whipping past your ears. 

It’s easy to feel isolated in the gaps between the passing traffic.  It’s calming.  A great open space to empty my brain, zoom out, and think about as little as possible for a while.  Mountains far in the distance give me something to look forward to.  A thought one the edge of my mind, something to be considered later, but for now, just to enjoy.  They stand as a nice contrast from the easy rolling scrub reaching out around me. 

There’s lots of snow still up on the mountains.  Even this far into summer.  After riding through the deserts of Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, green hills and trees are a welcome sight.  Cooler mornings and afternoons make the riding that much more pleasant.  Which all just makes me enjoy the Middle of Nowhere that much more.         

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