Truly an Adventure

By Amy Richburg

Cell phone alarms get the morning started at 5:30am.  What if we all thought someone else would set the alarm and no one did!  I think this group is so conditioned to waking up that they would naturally awaken by 5:30a. There is definitely a camaraderie among the group the comes from spending days and weeks together persevering for people we will never meet.  God doesn’t tell us we have to know the poor in order to help them, we just need to do it.   Matt. 11:5

Connor, our tireless, hardworking leader shared more than just a devotion this morning, he also shared a story of how someone years ago made an impact in his life with words spoken to him and gave him a couple of dozen mustard seeds.  He felt that today was the day to share one with each member of the group.  Matt.17:20

We had 77 miles before us and some of the most beautiful land in the US.  God truly is the most artistic of all.  

Sore muscles and hard floors don’t go well together when you’re a little older, but the cause is worth it.  And while we all enjoy cycling, I think there are definitely physical and mental challenges we all face along the way.  Hours on the road gives us time to pray for others, think about our loved ones and share the adventure with those we meet.

Thanks for being a part of it!

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