Truly Thankful

By David Chris Johnson

I woke this morning wondering what would my blog would be about. I decided to list things that I am thankful on this trip.

4:00 AM I woke up this morning based on my natural clock of waking up at 7:00 on the east coast. It is a good feeling to wake up and understand any obstacles in or challenges put in your path are the way of the Lord. With your belief in him, you can truly live life without fear. He will never give you more than you can handle. Thankful.

8:30 AM started our 56 mile bike ride from Florence to the Gold Coast, during the half way point most of us stopped at the local fish and chips for a quick lunch. As I set there among friends I thought of a brief conversation that I had with an elderly guy at the community pot lock the previous evening. Based on our conversation these have been tough times for him. He was amazed by the amount of the food at the potluck and hoped to take some home for the next day. As I set there enjoying the chips, I thought about him and hoped that he was enjoying a good meal among friends. Thankful.

2:00 PM arrived at the church unpacked bags and went for a warm shower. We found showers at the local fair grounds. On the way back to the church you could not help but notice the homeless walking along 101 south. The lady at the church said there was not a lot to do for them but to send them off to California. The fact that dinner and a safe place to sleep would be provide by the church. Thankful

9:00 PM getting ready for 9:30 lights out. As I look around this room at the various sleeping bags and mats it makes you wonder about the people soon to occupy them. To interact with the 25 riders and support team is an honor. We are all different with various personalities, religious views, political views and social norms. But we are all on the same mission to support the Fuller Housing Center and their goals. Some of the riders I will ride again with in the future, some I will never meet again and some I will meet in a non-riding environment. The opportunity to interact with these people for a short two week period. Truly thankful.

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