We Are 5% Done!

By Fred Smoak

Some of you may have heard me say on occasion that I am not sure I like riding my bike as much as having ridden my bike. This has not been the case this trip. Whether at sea level or up 800 feet, there were wonderful vistas of long, slow rolling surf, wide beaches, dramatic rock outcropping, and stands of trees so windswept they look they have been styled with a blower and giant brush. 

Lots of climbing today & more tomorrow. All the tsunami signs give you the idea. They seem to have them every mile or so. You are either entering g or leaving a risk zone every few minutes. 

I can do it here, but having to do it at 5-6 thousand feet is worrisome. I will either need more red blood cells or better excuses!  

Still, it was a wonderful day & I am so fortunate to have had the chance to do it-and share it with my friends. 

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