Whoa, We’re Halfway There

By Ana Pridgen

It’s so hard to believe that we are already past the halfway mark. Thinking back onto week 1, it seems like it was just yesterday. However, thinking to week 5 is a struggle for me. Amazing how time works like that. 

Right now, we are in Craig, Colorado. We just finished the two build days. It reminds me a lot of when I was in Honduras, fixing up houses, school buildings, and churches for poor neighborhoods. Obviously there are many differences, the main difference being no language barrier, but it still reminded me of that good time. 

It was nice to stay in a city for more than one night, or even two. We’ve been here since Tuesday, and we plan to leave tomorrow (Friday). I feel nice being able to remember where things are, and replying with “oh that? Yeah, that’s a block past School St.”, as if I live here. I love the traveling, but it’s nice to have the feeling of home, even if this is Craig, Colorado.

Homesickness has kicked in for many of us, as I’ve noticed everybody’s phone calls home have increased greatly. It’s funny, because the same day I called my parents due to being homesick was the same day my brother, currently in South Carolina, called them for the same reasons. 

As we close up week 7 and move on to week 8, I am starting to realize how much I’ll miss everybody when they leave. It’ll be rough, but I have time to prepare myself. Until then, I guess I’ll just take photos and enjoy my time.

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