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January 15, 2024

By Paul Rouse

Great day yesterday.  Wonderful church service in Titusville, followed by a short 30-mile ride to Cocoa Beach.  Cloudy and cool all day, with rain starting just as we reached our destination church, but a good tail wind the whole way.

Today was scheduled to be a build day, but as sometimes happens, things did not work out and none of the planned projects could be worked on.  However, there is a thrift store run by the church right next door and we were able to help them out a little with some cleaning and shuffling inventory around.  

So it was a rest day, which is good, since tomorrow looks to be a challenging day — 74 miles into a headwind, with 80% chance of rain.  Destination Fort Pierce, with another build day there.  

Build days are what Fuller Center is all about, so we are disappointed when they don’t work out.  But we make the best use of our time by cleaning bikes, resting, and circulating in the local community.  That last one is especially important. 

I spoke to several locals today about the Fuller Center and why we are riding to Key West.  People are always interested to hear about it.  

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we love Our sponsors!

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