Much to reflect upon while riding through Ian's wake
January 16, 2023

By Paul Rouse

Today’s ride was a challenging 92 miles.  A lot of traffic so we stayed on paved trails and sidewalks when we could.

We hooked up with a small group of Christian brothers, and we had an awesome time working together and encouraging each other to keep pedaling.  (I had not met any of them until last night.)
We saw lots of damage and debris from hurricane Ian. Coming into Fort Myers, we saw two big sail boats and a large yacht that had been tossed onto shore in a jumbled mess, next to a marina. Another yacht was on its side in the marina.
It’s doubtful these were their owners’ primary residences. But it made me reflect on all the unfortunate people whose homes were damaged or destroyed in this and other disasters.  
So much to pray for and so much to be thankful for, at the same time.

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we love Our sponsors!

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