Pitching In

Written by: Cindy Hepp

FCBA is not only about the ride but about the people. We come from different parts of the country with different backgrounds and experiences. Today we were reminded that though we come from a variety of church denominations, we worship and serve only one God. He equips us with an array of talents to use for His glory in a variety of ways.

We started our day being served by a small but mighty, loving congregation. They cooked a delicious Southern breakfast to send us on our way. They filled our coolers with an abundance of food. A SAG driver started having engine problems at the end of the day and one of our riders has a retirement job working on cars, and was willing and able to help out.

One of our bicyclists has all these circular stickers on her helmet with names on them. When asked what that was all about, she said that anyone who donated $250 or more could have their name on her helmet. Some upped their donations just to get their name on her helmet.

As the day progresses we all pitch in to do our part. For some it is packing or unpacking the trailers, filling the water jugs and lugging them to the trailers, giving devotions, being the sweeps so no one is left behind, sagging to a rest stop to provide food and drinks, along with words of encouragement or a lift to the next stop, fixing a meal or doing the grocery shopping, doing mounds of laundry or making sure nothing is left behind in the church, and of course, a team to make sure we all sign the card of our gratitude for the church’s generosity.

This is a wonderful experience, worth repeating for another year.

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