Propelling Forward

Written by: Jeff Lamb, Blue Ride

Riding through the Midwest feels different than the West. Not better nor worse, but different. I’ve benefitted from the kind hospitality of the folks in Illinois and Indiana who warmly welcomed us into their churches and homes. The gentle hills are much different than what we experienced in the West and what I’m accustomed to at home in Virginia. A curve in the road is surprising and also exciting. The long straight roads cut through row after row of corn. There is a subtle beauty in the farmlands. We passed fields of sunflowers which were a nice break from the corn and bean fields. ¬†learned that Indiana is a big producer of popcorn, one of my favorite snacks.¬†

While I have a lot of projects to do on my own home, I look forward to continuing to do work for the Fuller Center in Springfield, OH later this week. The work we do on the homes helps propel me forward on my bike and in my faith.
Onward to DC!

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