Rains, Lanes, and Delectable Meals

My name is Nicole Bies. I’m a returning rider from the summer 2013 and 2014 FCBA. Something about the Fuller Center Bike Adventure always brings me such meaning and purpose that I’m back for more. Two weeks ago my mom somehow convinced me (with her natural motherly charm) to ride the spring ride for the first time with her. So I am here and so thankful for an adventure with my mom and the 33 other cyclists. Two of my passions involve people and their stories. It is very safe to say that everyone here has a different story to share. This is the most beautiful part of the adventure.


In summary, day #2 involved cycling in rain. The Trace is so beautiful and smooth that I did not even mind (most of the time). It is funny how when you have good riding company, you can find joy in anything. I recently read in a book by Oriah. She writes, “Joy is found when we have a sense of belonging.” I belong here. We all do.  Sitting at dinner inside of a warm church laughing with new friends, old friends, geezerman, and my mom- I’m thankful. Thankful for-warm showers, dry clothing, a cozy camp pad, and the church hosting our group. In the words of Millard Fuller, “We are living simply so that others can simply live.”

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