A nice touch at the end of a long ride
June 29, 2023

By Randi Topps

Today was another century ride.  It’s amazing how strong and resilient our riders have become.

We still had 5,833 ft to climb and with a few wrong turns, some people exceeded those numbers! Some of the hills up and down proved to be quite challenging and a couple riders needed to depend on our wonderful support team to redirect, bring water, provide an extra rest and such. No worries, though. 

We said goodbye to Ann Coleman who completed her planned segment today. Ann has been such a great team member and inspiration to all. I am so thankful that I had a second opportunity to connect with Ann and see her at work riding, organizing, and doing her magic with the Provo Fuller community.

Our host church tonight has organized some massage therapist students to provide a massage for everyone tonight!   What a treat for our weary muscles!   It always amazes me how kind and generous these hosts can be!   

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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