Growing stronger as we enter Arizona
May 31, 2023

By Randi Topps

Today we said goodbye to California and began our journey through Arizona.

One state behind us and nine states ahead, our legs are getting stronger.  We are also building a strong community, problem solving together, supporting each other, and seeing even the most challenging situations as part of the adventure!   We are grateful for shelter, rejoice after a good shower, and are blessed by gracious church members who have provided supper for the last four days. 

Today we are sleeping in a high school classroom in Saloma, AZ, a small town, but visited yearly by cyclists passing through during the Race across America. We are tired, but showered and  making our own  supper in a borrowed microwave.  Fortunately we have leftovers-a-plenty and an enthusiastic supper team!   

Our desert ride today was warm and breezy but we had some respite three times when our climb yielded somewhat cooler temperatures (at least temporarily).  We managed to repair 7 flat tires today with a lot of teamwork, although we needed Niel’s bicycle repair expertise at least once every day so far.

We appreciate your interest in the Fuller Center for Housing and the work this organization does to insure decent, healthy homes by repairing or building homes worldwide. We will be volunteering with nine different projects as we make our way across the country this summer!

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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