Reflecting on our ride across the country
July 16, 2022

By Scott Thurber

We are in Rochester, New York with those of us riding or supporting the full cross country trek having completed 44 days of riding. As we embark on the remaining 10 riding days, I’m spending more time reflecting on what we learned.

For me, a major theme that has emerged is the incredible generosity of so many people across our great country. For example, church members in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, Naubinway, Michigan and Aurora, Ohio opened up their homes to us for dinner, showers and rest and relaxation on our day off. Many have arisen at 4 or 5 am to make a special breakfast for us before we depart. One church elder in Fargo, North Dakota drove two hours to bring me an air mattress to our next night’s destination in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.
What lessons did I learn from this?  Two come to mind: 1) our country is filled with many many good people. Don’t let the news headlines lead you to thinking otherwise. I’m going to stop watching the evening news. 
2) I will do some self-examination regarding my own generosity in helping people who God brings into my awareness. It’s easy for me to become too busy or too focused on goals and limit my charity work to financial support. Financial generosity is an important element of my giving.
But I also need to allow some margin in my life to help people with simple things when they pop up in my daily life.  I can help make a meal. Give them a place to shower. Or give them a needed ride. It’s a small sacrifice for me and can be a big help to someone else.

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we love Our sponsors!

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