Reflections in the rain
June 25, 2022

By Wayne Wilson

Today started with a strong forecast of rain so we donned our rain gear. By the first rest stop there had been little rain. I was wetter inside it than on the outside: sauna-effect, and so I shed the rain wear. About 50 miles into the ride the rain started and I retrieved a bright yellow rain jacket. But, we picked up a tail wind and cruised at speeds over 20 mph on the rain slicked roads.

As I rode through this, I reflected on the beauty I’ve seen. Not just the beauty of the land but the beauty of the people. 
I’ve always been taught that man is affected by the Fall and has a sinful nature. I know that’s true—to paraphrase Paul, “I don’t do what I know I should and I do things I know I shouldn’t do.”
However, in Genesis it says we’re all made in God’s image. I’ve seen that image reflected everyday on this ride in the goodness of the people I’ve met. Goodness in my fellow cyclists, goodness in the support team, goodness in our church hosts and especially their representatives who greeted us with love and friendship and food and hot showers and a place to sleep. 
We’ve met so many good people. These encounters restore faith in mankind, the God who created us in His image, and gives strength to continue with the blessings He is providing. 
Let’s ride on to show the goodness of God to all we encounter to draw them to Him.

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