Riding in the Van

Written by: Cindy Martin

I didn’t feel well today so I rode in the van. What an amazing bunch of people! Dave and Will are a great team making sure everyone is well hydrated and on course. Jessica and Rachel are keeping the loop running smoothly, while Lydia and Ryan are keeping everything well organized. Everyone is good spirits, even though they should be melting from the heat. Everyone cheers on the team along the route and as they enter into the rest stops. Everywhere we stop we have a chance to share about the Fuller Center Bike Adventure – from a ten year old in the hotel pool, to a convenience store clerk, to the Pilot gas station patrons. We end up talking to at least 20 people a day. Hopefully they are all following our journey and considering helping those in need.

It’s amazing the people you meet along the way that share their stories of trying to help the cause for better living conditions. The church we are at tonight opens their shower for the public everyday (and us, forty sweaty riders) in the middle of the desert with water restrictions, which provides much support for the community.



Two years ago I came along for a weeklong segment with the intention of riding every mile and every hill. When I found that I wasn’t prepared I was disappointed, and mad at myself. This all-or-nothing attitude that I tended to have consumed me, which made an unpleasant person to be around. This time around I decided it was okay to jump in the van, it was okay to say I wasn’t going to climb that hill and it was okay not to do the 702 miles I signed up for. Yes, I would love to be able to do all of the above but for me the bigger picture is to be okay with what I can do and not upset with what I can’t.

I brought my 15-year-old grandson along to spend some quality time with me and to introduce him to the concept of giving instead of receiving, to maybe get the picture that he can do something to make a difference in his lifetime. I’m trying to stop this natural instinct to provide guidance and direction in his every move and let him show the great kid he is and the man he’s about to be. Sorry, Tyler- old habits die hard. I also hope he gets the riding bug and makes this an annual event to do with his crazy Grandma. Maybe someday we can be in the A group!!!




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