Rolling Through Nature

Written by: Julio Galindo

7/31/18 we biked 73 miles from Grove City, Pennsylvania, to Reynoldsville, Pennsylvania, with an elevation gain of 7,372 feet according to the bike computer we use. Today lights on was at 5 am. We slept on a bunch of pillows put together and it was very comfortable. Today Stephany and I were sweeps. We had an extra rider with us for a few miles, the pastor from the church we stayed. As we were going uphill a family of 3 deer crossed right in front of us. While going downhill some of the taller trees were motivating us by sprinkling some fresh water on us as we passed under them. With so much green around us, it looked like we were in the rainforest. We had nice downhills and nice uphills as well; a friend would say they are swings which makes it more fun. We got into a bike path where we were engulfed and eaten by nature. On the right side was a huge river peaking through the trees, on the left was filled with trees, and when you look up the trees seem to hold hands making a tunnel as we passed through. Our van was waiting for us along the road which was weird. He let us know he received a call from a rider who passed by before we did and let him know to wait for us because he had seen a bear on the road. He said he was riding focused on the road when he looked up and went ‘how neat- a bear,” then went to focusing again on the road and realized what he saw and went “it’s a bear!” He stopped while the bear walked around the middle of the road before it left. We didn’t get to see but, maybe it saw us.

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