A Sunday for sightseeing
March 5, 2023

By Ron VanHoose

Today is Sunday and no riding today.  I found a Waffle House close by and walked to it for breakfast and then picked up some donuts for the group on my way back. Most everyone ate our regular breakfast stuff, but a few others did end up going to Waffle House too. 

We attended the traditional church service and then headed out for some sightseeing. The message was very good and we got to talk to a number of their members. We visited The Oakley Plantation Audubon State Park. It originally was a 3300 acres cotton and indigo plantation. John Audubon tutored a child of the plantation owner here and also did most of his wildlife paintings here. There was some interesting information and artifacts that I hadn’t seen at other southern plantation houses.
 We then headed to downtown Baton Rouge for a late lunch. We ate at Jolie Pearl Oyster Bar and had great food and service. They also had a open mic going so we got to hear live music. Not quite as good as the live music in Nashville but still live music. 
 We walked down to the levee and saw the old State Capital building. The levee walk was nice and got to view the USS KIDD which is destroyer. It was closed so we could get on board. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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