Round Two

Written by: Mark Murphy 

Wow, back on the FCBA cross country ride again!!  I rode across the USA last year with this wonderful group of strangers that became friends.  I am so excited to meet the new people who have joined our merry band as well as catching up with some of the great people who have also returned from last years ride.

FCBA ride are such a phenomenal way to really get to know other cyclists, heck we’ve got 3900 miles to talk to one another.  The friendships you make on an FCBA are ones that last a lifetime.  You really get to know people when suffering together up an 5,000 foot ascent, or riding in the snow/hail/freezing rain.

Last year I sat in the orientation circle and thought “what the heck have I got myself into?”.  This year I just had a big grin on my face knowing what friendships and fun would result due to this caper.

FCBA Life!!


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