A day of climbs and canyons
June 17, 2024

By Rus Laven

Today was a day of some serious climbs made a little more challenging because of strong winds which seemed to change direction frequently.

 One of our challenging climbs was a 6 mile climb. I’ve done some 6 mile or more climbs before this trip but never with these kinds of winds.

The scenery was spectacular again! We spent much of the day riding through Flaming Gorge and Red Canyon. We crossed over the Flaming Gorge Dam and finished at the small resort town of Dutch John. Of course, some of us finished our ride with a couple scoops of huckleberry ice cream, so good! 

We’re staying at Flaming Gorge Elementary which also provided us a wonderful taco bar dinner. Very thankful for that and a warm place to stay!

We write a lot about the rides and scenery, which are really amazing. But even more amazing are the people on our team and the people we meet. Life is so about relationships and community.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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