Intense heat inspires "poor poem"
June 27, 2024

By Russell Ball

Travelling across the continent by bike exposes you to a vast spectrum of geography and climate.

 The grinding climbs and chilling winds of the Rockies have given way to to the plains of eastern Colorado and Nebraska. 

Wednesday provided us with a hundred mile ride into a stiff headwind in 95 degree heat.  It was brutal. The heat and dry winds seemed to suck the moisture from the very marrow of our bones.  We looked for each rest stop and convenience store with eager anticipation.   

Unfortunately the sere landscape gives little hint off what lays before us and we constantly scanned the horizon for signs of civilization.  It turns out that the best indicator of a town is the water tower, and so they became the beacons guiding us to the next town.  To honor these treasured markers I offer this poor poem:

Ode to a water tower
O bulbus beacon of polity
We rejoice at your sight.
A symbol of civilization sheltered beneath your aqueous shadow.
A chance to have pie and coffee in local diners under the opprobrious eyes of blue haired waitresses.
You offer the joy of dollar stores and their tidy spartan shelves of goods.
Also the wonder of convenience stores with gleaming drink machines and dubious snacks.
Thanks to you shining tower guiding us to your rural oasis.

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we love Our sponsors!

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