Seeing the land at the speed of bike
May 29, 2024

By Russell Ball

Our Fuller Center Bike Adventures group has been cycling from Seattle across the Cascade mountain range, over the Columbia river and into eastern Washington

One of the wonders of bike touring is the chance to observe the world at bike speed.

I have driven through the area several times and i have seen it and enjoyed the beauty. Cycling through is a chance to experience the region in a more detailed way.

Even while grinding uphill through the mountains the geology of the region is striking. The geology of my home region, coastal Carolina, is more nuanced. A gentle topography driven by the shifting sands of the coast and the slow meandering rivers carrying sediment to the shore. The geology here is more brutal and dynamic. 

Starting out with the granitic outcrops of the Cascades the road cuts also show the bent and folded sedimentary rocks indicating the titanic forces shaping the region. On top of that many areas show the dark basalt rock from ancient lava flows that covered the region.

Leaving the Cascades we dove into the Columbia River Gorge where the mighty river gouged out the rock to form deep coulees. Past the gorges the terrain flattens out into a land possibly scoured flat by the the Bretz floods of eons past.

Riding through the area on a bike allows one to experience the geology and not just see it. 

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we love Our sponsors!

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