Surely there's a life lesson on this rocky road
June 1, 2024

By Russell Ball

Today we rode into Superior Montana from Idaho. There was a fair amount of climbing which is never my strong suit but low gears and patience got me through it.

At one point during an extended, and sometimes steep, climb we left the pavement and used a gravel road. It was nice to leave the traffic behind and there were a number of fun sightings of wildlife, but at some points the gravel road was more of a rubble road with rocks and large stones necessitating a sharp eye on the trail. 

I knew I was missing scenery and wildlife by focusing on the road in front of my tire but it seemed at the time that I just had to focus on climbing the next yard of road.

I am sure there is a life lesson here but I am not sure what it is. How can I make it up the road safely and yet still experience the wider world?

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we love Our sponsors!

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