Familiar faces, ferry highlight end of 1st segment
June 3, 2023

By Ryan Iafigliola

This morning we headed out from our new friends at Calabash Covenant Presbyterian Church, which had a couple of church leaders spend the night with us before joining us for devotions in the morning for our sendoff. This remarkable smallish church hosts a service every Sunday on the beach that averages a thousand people! After a group picture, we headed out for our 71-mile day.

The highlights of the day would include our new arrivals, Connor and Beth Ciment, who are joining us for a few days of riding. Connor led our rides for four years where he met his now-bride, Beth, who led him to move to Wilmington. (Someday we’ll be able to forgive her for that! We’re trying.) 
Another highlight was crossing the Fort Fisher Ferry for a mere $2/bike, which may not have been the fastest four miles of the trip, but it was among the most enjoyable with a seating area and memorable views. 
It was all great, but there’s something about the Bike Adventure that excites the spirit all while wearing down the body. After biking 7 of the last 8 days — with the remaining day being a very full day of Fuller Center work – we were all exhausted. 
Up stepped Connor and Beth once again. They hosted us at their lovely home on a beautiful evening, feeding us a very hearty meal with chicken, cheeseburgers, brats, veggies, sides, and even hot apple pie. And we even got in a small bonfire in classic Connor style before heading out. It was refreshing, and the perfect way to head into a relaxing Sunday off day in Wilmington. 
One a final note, my ride this year is to try to raise funds to build two homes in Haiti, a place that has many sorrows — as well as a little Fuller Center that keeps creating pockets of joy in the charming homes it builds and jobs it creates. We’re so close to fully funding that 2nd home, and I’m about to head home from the ride. Help getting across the finish line to help that 2nd family would be amazing.

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