Samuel Kimzey: Small towns provide big-time hospitality
July 23, 2021

By Samuel Kimzey

Today the team completed the 43.2 mile ride from the tiny town of Arco, Idaho to the comparably small town of Carey, Idaho.  This was the shortest ride for this week, and I think they found it a much-needed lighter day.  The wind and heat (we’re moving into the heatwave in the Northwest U.S.) have been taking their toll on everyone, so a shorter ride was helpful for all!  
Much of today’s ride was through the Craters of the Moon National Park here in Idaho.  The park is a 1,000-plus-square-mile area of volcanic rock that resembles the desolate and cratered surface of the moon, though with scattered sagebrush and some scrubby trees which one would obviously not find on the moon.  While desolate and bleak, the landscape still was still uniquely fascinating and unlike anything I had ever seen.  Some of our energetic riders even took the six-mile loop through the park to see more of the landscape and boost their mileage!
Both Arco and Carey are tiny towns with less than 1,000 inhabitants — if you blink you might miss them!  However, in both towns I have been impressed and graciously surprised by the hospitality and generosity of the local churches we have stayed at (Baptist Community Church in Arco and Larkin Memorial Community Church here in Carey).  I have also been blessed to see how these small churches are working faithfully to minister to their local communities and share the Gospel with the people around them.  There are not many churches in these small, rural towns, and I am thankful for the faithful presence of these churches.  
One highlight of the day spent in Carey was getting lunch at what seemed to be the only local restaurant – 93 Express.  We enjoyed delicious burgers, sandwiches, and shakes, as well as a pleasant time of relaxing, chatting, and hanging out together.  It proves we can find good food and have fun even in small towns with only one local restaurant!  
We also amused ourselves at today’s rest stop by playing a game where you try to balance a spoon on the end of your nose!  You can thank Jim Kruse for this one… Nevertheless, we all had fun making fools of ourselves and competing to balance spoons on our noses in record times.  

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