Sandi Remson: Shady Grove to Nashville
June 11, 2022

By Sandi Remson

We followed more of the Natchez Trace. Since it is Saturday lots of other riders out on the Trace.

 I was hesitant about riding on the Trace expecting to hold up RVs and trailers as I slowly made my way up the hills but was pleasantly pleased. Traffic was light perhaps due to high gas prices perhaps the heat. I thought often of the slaves that traveled this route on foot. I miss Joe’s history lessons. 

After leaving the peaceful tranquility of Trace we rode into Nashville where the County Music Awards were going on. People and music everywhere! After getting lost a few times we all rode together the rest of the way to Scenic View Baptist Church. We all went over the bridge with cleats on! We all Covid tested again. Church provided us with fried chicken for dinner. 

We aren’t able to worship with the church but watched their worship live stream. Rachael Timothy spoke about human trafficking. 

Tim found a piano.

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we love Our sponsors!

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