Serving The Simple Way

Written by: Jim Hartman

As I mentioned yesterday, the Fuller Center Covenant Partner looks to  provide much more than adequate affordable housing for the community they serve. They are called The Simple Way. In addition to housing, they also provide access to a community garden, run a food pantry, and assist the community with other issues. Here is a link if you would like to know more about them – The Simple Way.

Today was the final build day on our ride. We worked at 3 sites. One group helped weed a community garden run by the covenant partner.

Another group helped out with the partner’s Wednesday food distribution and cleaned their basement for a new food pantry. A third group helped with construction on the house the covenant partner is fixing up.

The house crew’s mission was to rip out some old ceiling, walls, and carpet, remove all the nails and screws from the walls and ceilings, and haul the trash to the dumps.

The temperature was in the 90’s and there was no fan. We were all mops by the end of the day.

Hauling the trash out of the house

The filled truck

Ripping down the porch ceiling

Ripping  up the carpet

Pulling up the carpet tacks

Pulling nails from the ceiling

The work crew

The garden crew helped weed the community garden. The garden was so big and had so many weeds that they worked all day and were only able to finish half the garden.

Lots of weeds!

Nice job!

The garden crew

The food pantry crew helped make the bags and distribute them to the members of the community.

Filling the bags with groceries

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