Shady Grove doesn’t just feel like home…it is

Today we started our day with our friends at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and celebrated with them in their Sunday service.   It’s in these moments that we are all joined under one family.  We truly appreciate Holy Trinity in allowing us to work out of their wonderful church to start our mission.  The mission started with them helping us so we can continue our mission of helping others.

After the church service, it appeared we were going to start the ride in rain and cold weather.  But as we started the ride, the rain went away and we started our official trek across the Natchez Trace and experienced the beautiful scenery of Tennessee.   A definite must see of the natural beauty in our world.


At the end of our day’s 37 mile ride, we came to the arm welcoming community of Shady Grove United Methodist Church.  They welcomed us into their homes to shower and more importantly to know each other.  Old friends were reunited and new ones  will surely occur.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Shady Grove Methodist Church for serving us an amazing dinner.  This is the fifth year of their community to offer themselves with food and fellowship to the Fuller Center Spring riders.  After dinner, we formed a human chain to deliver clothes the riders had brought for their church to distribute to those in need.  It was incredible on how many bags were passed from one to another into the attic at the church.  It’s all about giving to help.

All during the trip we spread the word of the Fuller Center and its mission.  You never know who you may affect and what you may put in motion.  It was another great day!!!

-David Skinner

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