Sherri Givens: God is building homes for people, and He’s letting us help!
January 6, 2022

By Sherri Givens

I participated in a Bible study on the book of Romans this past year. At one lesson, the teacher told us about visiting her grandparents when she was a little girl.

Her grandfather would rise early and be preparing for work. The little girl was thrilled to be with him. He’d let her rub some shaving cream on his face. Tighten his tie. Then he’d set her on the counter so she could drop some bread in the toaster for them. Pour some cream in his coffee. They’d walk out to get the newspaper, her assistance called upon in many steps of the morning’s routine.

She recalled that her 5-year-old self watched him leave for the day and wondered how he ever made it to work when she wasn’t there!

“What does that man do without me?!” she thought.

As an adult, she tied the experience to the lessons in Romans. The first half of the book lays out our great need and God’s great provision. The second half communicates how we are then to live: God calls us to work with and for Him.

And it’s just like we are that little girl helping her granddaddy get ready for work.

He didn’t need her to do all those things. In fact, he could have done them much quicker without her. He invited her into that work for her. Because he loved her.

God can do all His holy will, and He doesn’t need us. The amazing thing is that He invites us to join Him. To labor with Him in His holy work because He loves us.

God is building homes for people, and He’s letting us help!

Sherri and friends — including a large contingent of Bicycle Adventurers — helped build this Fuller Center for Housing home in one week for a woman who lost both of her parents in the 2019 tornado that struck Beauregard, Alabama. 

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