Sightseeing treats on Mackinac Island
June 30, 2022

By Neil Mullikin

Strava may have recorded the ferry ride to Mackinac Island, but missed the experience.

The generosity of our hosts continues to exceed expectations. The Christian Fellowship of Churches started our day with handpicked berries (cranberries and blueberries) and made some amazing pancakes before routing us to the top of the lake monument for a sightseeing treat. 
The ride started off with a few showers but closed with almost a contradiction of terrain as some of us finished off our day with a stroll around Mackinac Island.  
Although cooler, it was almost tropical in feel. Stones versus sand for beaches, the waves were crashing in from Lake Huron’s crystal clear waters. It seemed otherworldly from the Upper Peninsula we just left.
The ride has been beautiful so far, yet the island still felt like we escaped it all.  
Also, thanks to Church of the Straits for taking a chance with a group of bicyclists they have never met and trusting us with the keys to their church.  
BTW, for those who follow on Strava, I will work on deleting those water segments another time.

we love Our sponsors!

we love Our sponsors!

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