Slowly Sipping

Written by: Rosemary Lensing, Blue Ride

We have a day off in Salt Lake City on July 8. This is also the birthday of my late husband.  I have been doing this bike and build experience as a tribute to him as he was an excellent carpenter.

This day also gives the riders a chance to recover and to reflect on their accomplishments. I have been given so much support and encouragement from my fellow riders. Everyone is willing to help and we work together as a team whether riding or working on project sites or doing our chores. It truly warms my heart.  God bless this fantastic group of people.

Macy, our leader, does a wonderful job of keeping us going and organizing routes, food, chores, our health, our work projects, and more!

The Fuller Bike Adventure is such an experience. The country side beauty at bike level is glorious to see what nature gives us. So much to soak in all at once as we ride. Wish we could turn it into water, bottle it up and take it all home. … and then sip it slowly.


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