A wet start to the East Coast ride
May 27, 2023

By Stella Ugboma

We are starting our Fuller Center Bike Adventure East coast ride today. It’s the last week in May, It’s pouring cats and dogs (small breeds), it’s cold, and I hear a 20 mph wind not in our favor. 

The two brave young media interns seem to be having fun, taking pictures and videos at every corner. Thanks Emily and Kelsie.

I see the anxiety and trepidation on faces. They are talking about a thousand rail crossings — slick white lines and rumble strips!!
It is a relatively short day today though. I am praying safety for all.
Just thinking of all the mood enhancements and immense pleasure I get from being outdoors, riding my bike, feeling the maybe not so gentle wind on my face. You know what they say: A bad day on the bike is better than …
We all make it in safely to Savannah, GA — our home for the night. I must have taken a wrong route, not even one railroad on my path. All is well.


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we love Our sponsors!

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